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Hi! I want to create a language learning website. What are the best free program languages to do that ? Or should I creat it with WordPress instead ?
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    If you are sharing tips for learning languages, interesting problem or self experience, WordPress free plan would be enough.
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    WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
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  • You can mak website easy yourself with ruby on rails framework
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    I think WordPress is the best option for you. You can manage it with WordPress and it beneficial for your SEO if you want to do your website's SEO.
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    you can used any language to crate website such as Php, c++, .net and many more.

    but from my point of you have to create a website in word-press as it provide many services which help you to develop a nice website.
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    Better use wordpress
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    Creating a website using WordPress is much easier than creating it using computer languages as you can create a powerful website using WordPress, no need to learn any coding. Once you are comfortable with it, you can easily design a website. You just need to install the WordPress software and you will get a lot of tools to design and manage the website.
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    There are a lot of website through you can able to learn or deploy a website, But the best if you don't have any knowledge you can go with the wordpress, a customized platform from where you can create an awesome website.
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    Yes, Wordpress will be better option for creating a simple website without knowing any programming language.
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    If you are a beginner and don't know about any language then Wordpress is the best option for you...
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