Back office program for website offering services?

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Hello, fellow warriors!

I'm trying to build a website offering an article writing service.

Let's say someone visits my website, buys ten articles of 500 words each, and is then forwarded to a thank you page. There, they would fill in a form, to make specific requests about their order (for example: "I want the articles to be about dog training").

Is there a program that allows to have that message saved somewhere online (some back office), so that a team can collaborate on that order?

I'm not looking for a contact form that just emails the message to me. Email can be unreliable and messages end up in spam sometimes.

What system do the service websites use?

I know support desk software can do this, but I was wondering if there's another (better?) way to do this.

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    Anyone? :-)
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    Why not try Microsoft Office or Google Docs? If you are an owner for a file, you will have full control of who has access and the full history of changes made by each user. Is this what you are looking for?

    Keep in mind that anything written there will be public unless you setup the file for private views. Anything you type there can also be linked to your account for ad serving purposes and ad targeting, which is usual business by the tech giants.
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    If you are using WordPress you can use Gravity form to collect user requests, or use something like Wufoo form.
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  • Just have the form post into a google spreadsheet. You could put in all the contact details along with those extra notes that are needed. It's pretty simple actually. PM if you need more help and I can try and walk you through it more.
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