How would you approach website to generate clients?

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Curious how you guys would go about cold approaching websites for work. My idea is this:

I'm trying to specialize in shopify development, so I was thinking of cold emailing stores and offering to do something minor for free. Then I could offer some custom development if I saw a way for them to make more money with it. And of course follow up regularly from there.

How have established developers built clients online (offline isn't an option as I'm in a 3rd world country)?
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    Rather than cold emailing them, maybe try finding Shopify owners on LinkedIn or other social media, introducing yourself and building a relationship that way.

    If you have any hobbies or interests, you could try specifically targetting store owners selling products related to those interests. That way there's some common ground for you to build that relationship on.
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    1. Contribute to Open Source Projects. Being a professional developer takes more than just calling yourself one.
    2. Work For Free
    3. Browse Through Select Job Boards.
    4. Produce Content at Scale.
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    For approaching online client Website is the best platform, How I approach if my website online-

    Here is the checklist that I would follow-

    First I focus on website layout, navigation and structure.
    Website Should be well designed and responsive for all the devices.
    Good quality of content to generate more traffic and as well user.
    Best on page Optimization that will help increase visibility of website
    Call of action on every page their user can reach
    Promote of website via paid and social media marketing
    With the help of Lead generation tools Salesforce and hubspot

    Above things is better than we can easily get good number of clients on website, you can also approach best website development company to do above things in you website.

    Lemosys Infotech is the leading website development company in India, We are team of dedicated web developer. Hire us to get high level IT services for your Business.

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    Hi,We are from Appoets Team.First do On page Analysis of the client website.Then Rectify the drawbacks Completely.Checking the website is whether mobile friendly or not.because most of the users are using mobile only.May be you get a conversion to make that website mobile friendly.Then Check webmaster and do link building.For brand awareness you should participate in social media.keep your bounce rate at below 30 or 40 level.Create Blogs for more traffic.Share a clear information about your business.May be you get a enquiry through forums.If it is worth surely it will lead to conversion.
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