change external links according to source of traffic

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I have a WP blog,
with affiliate links to amazon.

I am sending traffic to my blog from Facebook, Google, Bing and more,
But I don't know which traffic works better for me.

I can add parameter to the amazon link according to the traffic,
but is it possible to create a script or a wp plugin that can do that?
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    You want some organic traffic from google search engine that will be effective traffic for your blog.
    optimize your blog make some best onpage and off page seo then you will get traffic for long tram and unique visitors.
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    Thanks for your reply,
    even so it has nothing to do with my question

    I didn't asked about Google Organic

    I'm sending paid traffic to my website,
    from 4 different platforms

    and I want to know which one is more effective for me

    The problem is,
    Analtyics is not enough for me,
    I need a way to change links online
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  • You may need a coder to do it but it is pretty simple actually to do that with a couple lines of code...

    All you need to do is look that the HTTP Referer (the site sending you the traffic), parse the url and save that result into a session or cookie. You can then put that value from the session/cookie into the extra parameter/sub id in the tracking url.

    Session would be the better route or you would need to make sure to set the cookie to expire it a suitable time frame if you think the same traffic may come from multiple sources.

    Feel free to PM me if you want more info.
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