3 Questions --->>>> Would This Require Dedicated Hosting Servers & Severs Programming Configuration

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I want to create and provide each of the 50 sales team members each with 3 free different landing pages offering 3 different free ecourses to build their email list

1) Will I require a dedicated hosting server and any special programming code developed to speak to servers.............Is there going to be any type of programming necessary to hosting company servers to accomplish setting up 50 subdomains off one root domain name

2) Each of the 50 subdomains should be able to set them up with a home page and 2 hidden pages. The hidden pages will represent the other 2 landing pages offering 2 distinct free reports addressing a specific problem and benefit.

Note: What suggestions can you share ............to accomplish what I am thinking of doing what will be required as far as web development programming of servers if necessary or anything else that I am not thinking of
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    I would use php and just have the three pages in one directory, not using subdirectories.
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