Is this even possible?

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Hi guys

I want to limit the incoming clicks to my page. The idea is to provide an offer to the first 50 visitors only, after which other visitors would be redirected to another page.

I've read that its possible with a timer, but I haven't seen any mention of clicks/visits.

My site is Wordpress based if that makes any difference.

Any ideas on how this might be achieved?

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    you have many plugins for this
    etter would be ask people on WP forum
    I know these plugins exists but dont know the name of it
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    Not sure from a wordpress perspective, but from a programming perspective, very easy. For every user that lands on your page, you give them a unique ID (GUID), you then store that GUID in a database, every time you store the record in the DB, you call the DB to check how many records are in the DB - if the records are equal to 50, you then 'hide' the offer on the front end. Then the GUID's are still stored (if you want to), but the message will not display. Not sure if that helps but programmatically this is a rather easy feat to achieve.
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    Yes. It is very possible. There are wordpress plugins around that you can use. I have known a free plugin which might help you.

    You can use it to limit the people who click/login using the link/ad posted on your website. Plus, you also have the way to get details of the people who avail of your offer.

    You can also use coupons that expires. Below is a wordpress plugin you can use with a Coupon expiration countdown as a Pro feature.
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