[Q] Grabbing a Custom Field GET from AWeber in PHP

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For years I have used pages to grab the GET info forwarded from AWeber to insert a name or some other information into a web page dynamically. I recently tried to do that with a custom field passed from AWeber and it's not working.

Not sure why.

Here is a typical piece of code I use to grab the name field:

PHP Code:
if(isset($_GET['name'])) {

$name $_GET['name'];

If I set up a custom field (lets say "school" to designate what
school the lead attends) AWeber passes it like this in the GET:


When I try this code it fails:

PHP Code:
if(isset($_GET['custom school'])) {

$name $_GET['custom school'];

This code also fails:

PHP Code:
 if(isset($_GET['custom%20 school'])) {
$name $_GET['custom%20school'];
I'm sure this is some simple answer, but I know just enough about PHP to be dangerous.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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