Is this a Hosting Problem?

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I have a Reseller hosting account with just my own twelve WP sites on, as I like a separate Cpanel for each.

But every time I use CCleaner or delete cookies, I cannot log in at: And I cannot choose the Lost Password option either . There is no way into the dashboard at all.

It always adds a silly long bunch of characters on the URL, like this:

https: // p-admin%2Fupload.php&reauth=1

I contacted my host twice before (Stablehost) and they fixed it within minutes, saying I wasn't putting .php on the end. (I was. I was trying every combination they must have done somethng on the server and weren't telling me.)

But if I use CCleaner again it happens again. It's now happened to ALL my sites, and I am sick of contacting my host every week.

I need a permanent fix; not a temporary one.

I read recently that cheap hosting always costs in the end. I only pay $9.95 on the Reseller account so I know it's very cheap.

And they've been great for several years but since I left them a glowing 5 star review, I've had to contact them every week.

Is this a coincidence? Or did they think they no longer have to please me, now they have a great review, so they can mess with my sites? (Silly I know, but I don't know what to think. I know nothing about the tech side of hosting).

Can anyone tell me if this is this a Hosting issue?

And does anyone know how I can solve it permanently (preferably using File Manager), without changing hosting company yet?

Thank you

UPDATE: I have now found out it is NOT related to cookies or CCleaner. Because the sites were not working earlier and now they are OK, and I haven't touched cookies or CCleaner.

Still don't know what caused it, but I can work for now.

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    Before you decide to choose one of hosting company, its better for you to read review about their sales services. If you want to make sure, this is hosting issue or not, you can try to login into your hosting, and then go to phpmyadmin menu, and find the user menu, and on the right side, you can replace the username and password column with new ones. Then save, and try it to login your site. Hope this step will fixed your problem.
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