If There Is a Bored Coder Around That Needs A Little Money - Post Here

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Hey Everyone,
Ok my staff and I are very busy on many different things so I need to borrow a coder for a small easy job. Basically you will need to modify a php script and add some coding to it.

This is nothing hard for a coder (I should know) and it would be real easy and quick money if you are needing a little extra cash.

I do not need nor want a copy and paste coder, I want someone that knows how to code. If you want to make $75 for 3 or 4 hours work then post here what you can do and I will send you a PM with full details..

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    Is that $75 PER hour? or do you want some to code for $25/per hour?
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    That is $75 for the simple easy job ... I am a website developer and I do not charge $75 an hour... lol

    I can do the job myself but figured I would help someone out that may need a few dollars and plus I have no time to do it right now but I can wait if need be until I get some free time...

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    A few dollars for my War Room Membership would be nice.

    PM me. Perhaps I can give it a try, will see if I can take the job.


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    I am interested if the job is still available. I am new to these forums, but not to php and web programming.
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    Updates: Just got enough $ for my membership from other project. *Thanks Blase*

    Anyhow, still open for job if it's fit.


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