Suggestions Welcome: Turnkey CMS / Database Platform Built for Comparison Engines?

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I have a number of websites that I'd like to build that are requiring robust comparison and review engine functionality. Instead of building something completely from scratch, I'd like to know if there exists a CMS that allows you create a database of vendors and products that can easily be compared.

Example 1:

Website with mattress comparisons. A series of simple questions could then generate suggested products.

Are you a: Side, back or tummy sleeper?

Do you like a soft, medium or firm mattress?

Do you have a preference for foam or innerspring?

Based upon the website visitor answers, the website would generate products that would be a good fit for the customer's needs. An editorial review/customer review option would help direct their product search.

Example 2: Using that same mattress comparison website, I'd like to display a large comparison table of all vendors within a database with searchable attributes inside of each table entry. (Mattress warranty, country of manufacture, price range, etc.)Instead of building a system like this from the ground up, are there any platforms that you can buy a license for or pay a monthly SaaS fee that are focused on comparison engine/review engine functionality?

If you've used any in the past, what platforms did you use and what did you think of them?
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