Whats the best language to develop SEO tools?

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I'm a SEO but I want to develop my own SEO tools and not depend on third partys. There are plenty of things no SEO tool does out there that I'd love to make myself, but which language is the best to develop a SEO tool'

for instance in which language is written the ahrefs tool? or how does it work?
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    Originally Posted by GarfieldLordofCats View Post

    ... or how does it work?
    That should be first question you need to research.
    Once you know the mechanism then you can research which is the best tool (in this case best programming language) to achieve the result.

    and so on

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      Yes, I agree with you
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    Any web language will do, PHP, Ruby, Python are the most used but you will also make things faster with framerwork like Laravel or ruby on rails and for sure you will need to know html, css and javascript.
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    Hi. It can be any language you choose - from HTML and CSS to Java or Ruby. There is no sense which one, just any of all existing
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    Hey GarfieldLordofCats, You can use any web language like PHP, Java, Ruby, Python etc. There is no restrictions. I hope you understand.
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    It's not about programming languages, it's about writing skills.
    Python, Java, Javascript, and even C++ are excellent for this task.
    They are all good, look for information about them, and choose the one you like.
    Good luck, it will not be easy!
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    Each programming language has its own advantages and disadvantages. They are just tools for creating other tools. I would recommend Phyton - he is actively developing and easy to learn for beginners.
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    In my honest opinion, there is no such thing as a best tool for making SEO. You can use any programming language and at the same time, there are lots of open source libraries to choose from for the specific programming language of your choice.

    If you were to build plugins for a custom SEO in WordPress, you would be using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the user interface then PHP mostly for back-end purpose. Or if you are somewhat the master of software development, you can try using VB .Net, Python or maybe C++ if you are hardcore, then automate things with Selenium.

    You can also make web scrapers or email harvester with any general purpose programming language. You just need the right library and set of tools for it.
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