What's harder than coding for you?

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Being a marketer, what do you think is more difficult than coding for you?
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    I honestly don't think there is anything harder than that for me. Maybe preparing Presentation Slides that will convert.
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    I believe the only thing which is harder than coding is to execute the code in a different run-time environment.
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    Designing, It's quite hard for me, and solution is to find free/premium html themes and develop over them.
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    This will sound funny but talking and interacting with humans is harder than coding.
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  • Getting a college degree.

    It's reasonable to assume that we all had different experiences in college, either harder or easier, but the fact that you work at a singular goal for four (or more years) to yield just one result is pretty difficult. If you did years' worth of work to get a degree, you can learn to program a computer.
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  • To rank on 1st position in Google is harder than coding.
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    math is harder than a coding
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      Lol yes. Math is the bane of things.

      Originally Posted by UrMotomoto View Post

      math is harder than a coding
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