how to protect my website with a serial key ?To be available only to people who have purchased

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Hello my friends, I want an answer to my question, please
I designed a WordPress site using elementor and I want to sell it, but I don't know how to add a serial key To be available only to people who have purchased
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    Hey, it's either me or your question is unclear.

    Do you want to sell the website?
    Or do you want to sell products on your website and give them access to them only if they purchased them?
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    I agree about almost the need of protecting a website. Well, ideally they it have everything, but in real life, technical mindsets always forget about that necessity. That's the harsh reality. Only when I was ordering web development services I stated that I won't accept rigid thinking. And they had to find full scope of solutions. Inclusing security for my project. Because I was paying ha ha.
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    Please provide more information. Specific pages for only people who have purchased? Or the whole website?
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