Problem opening and closing file to send over email python

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I've been dabbling in cyber security and doing some research on parenting monitoring tools and thought a key-logger/email sender would be a good project to learn how to build.

So the code I have sends an email correctly, and also sends the generated text file as an attachment.

The problems I'm having and need help with are: 1. As the key logger continues to log keystrokes, the email attachment does not update the file, it just sends the original file in the original path.
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    Try to resolve it by implementing a mechanism to update the file and attach the most recent version to the email.
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    I am new here. I am sorry, but I cannot make a thread. So I will ask here.

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    It's great that you're exploring cybersecurity! To address your issue, ensure the keylogger program appends keystrokes to the text file and consistently reads the latest version just before attaching it to the email. Incorporate periodic updates or event triggers to send emails with current data. Remember to use these skills responsibly and ethically
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    The issue you're encountering with the keylogger not updating the email attachment is likely due to the fact that you're attaching the original file at the start of your program, and it doesn't dynamically update. To achieve this, you can follow these steps:

    Open the file in "append" mode when logging keystrokes, so new data gets appended to the end of the file instead of overwriting it.

    Periodically (e.g., every few minutes), read the contents of the file and send them as an email attachment.

    After sending the email, you can truncate or clear the file to remove the logged keystrokes you've already sent.
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    Ensure you've replaced 'your_file.txt' with the actual path to the file you want to attach, and replace '', '', 'your_email_password', and '' with your actual email and SMTP server details.

    This script creates an email message, attaches the specified file, connects to your email server securely, and sends the email with the attached file. Make sure you have the necessary permissions and correct file paths to access and attach the file.

    Python programming services are preferred due to their adaptability, readability, productivity, and robust community backing. Python is a solid option that can help you accomplish your development goals successfully, whether you're creating a web application, data analysis tool, AI solution, or anything in between.
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