can someone diagnose whats wrong with my site?

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Alright so I found my theme, figured everything out on how to post and use the plugins and all of that. Now the only thing keeping me from moving forward?

IM STUCK!!! For some reason when I click the videos on the home page it doesnt take me anywhere..

I have checked the permalinks and when I copy and paste them into my browser it takes me to that posts video page. But for some reason the links on the front page just won't link up with the permalinks and I have no idea why.

For example When I click one of the video links all it does is take the proper homepage url and add /#video-40 at the end of it (which ISN'T the correct permalink) and stay on the exact same home page instead of redirecting to the post page with the video...

The permalink for that particular video IS NOT is completely different and I don't understand why the home page links won't send the viewer to the correct permalink so that they can view their video.

Current plugins are:

simple post thumbnails
simple video embedder
xml sitemap

Any ideas on what is causing this?
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    Here's my take on the problem. Please bear in mind that I only spend less than a minute or so looking at your site so it may or maynot be the problem

    Your videos seem to have the following link:

    The normal convention in URLs is that everything after a # is treated as an bookmark to a location on the same page. As you have no bookmatrked place on the page called video-44 nothing is gonna get displayed.

    Maybe worth looking at the url's of these videos again.

    Hope this helps

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      Could it be that the # is being prepended to each of the videos because there's a part of the plugin that's supposed to open a lightbox with the video in it? Could there be a configuration for the video plugin that you missed somewhere?

      Sorry, I'm having a similar problem with permalinks in Wordpress and I really don't know. I hope you figure it out and I'll keep watching this thread for an answer for you. I do think Bruce has the key part of your issue figured out.

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