Help Needed ! BackUp SQL file. WORDPRESS, Read below again !

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I had a wordpress blog and backupwordpress plugin was emailing me daily backup. I don't have the whole site backup, i only have the sql file. I now need to restore it.

I installed wordpress in new server and then imported the sql file via phpmyadmin. But when i check the site link there was no effect !

I would be thankful if anyone could help me with the issue.

UPDATE : I did as mentioned and site is working fine. But when i click on the link it redirects to 404 Not FOund ! What is the problem ?
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      One things to remember is that the backup of the site is gonna contain a lot of hardcoded paths and URLs.

      So, firstup, you will need to open the SQL file in Notepad (preferably NotePad++) and change all site urls from the old domain to the domain name.

      You will also need to go through and change all system paths from the old location to new location.

      Then, on the new location, load and activate the same theme and same plugins first, then reload the SQL file.

      The SQL file won't automaticall load plugin or themes that don't exist..

      I hope this helps

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    I got the point ! The URL was creating the issue. Awesome and thanks to you both !

    Yo Yo Baba Pandey ! Wanna see my signature ? Contact Me

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