My Aweber Hover-Pop Appears Under My Video!!

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Brainy folks,

I've done a thorough search for this in Aweber and on the big G, but have come up dry.

I can't imagine I'm the only one who has run into this:

My site has a javascript-enabled flash video embedded above the fold and my Aweber lightbox hover-pop slides right into the page (where it should) UNDER the video. So, not only is the page grayed out, but the form is inaccessible - DOH!

I have no clue how to get it to appear OVER the video, which is what I want. Both the video and hoverpop NEED to be seen above the fold. So, after the visitor is thoroughly impressed by the video, the hoverpop slides in and they jump on it. All's cool.

But obviously, the present arrangement is a no-go.

Can anyone enlighten me? Here's the relevant code snippets:

The Video
<script type="text/javascript">var so = new SWFObject("" , "video", "500", "410", "8", "#ffffff");so.write("video");</script>

The Hover-Pop
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

I hope some of you can help me out on this one...



PS: Optionally, if it's just not possible to have them both appear above the fold, I'd settle for having the popup show up somewhere below the video.
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    no clue, may need to ask aweber. I heard the lightbox increases opt-in's dramatically. I would ask you if this is true but no one can subscribe lol
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    The answer has to do with windowed vs windowless controls.

    Basically, does the control derive from something with a h_Wnd

    You can see the same behaviour with a combo box in place of the video.

    Most HTML elements are windowless controls. Combo boxes (and video in this case) are windowed controls. Windowed controls always appear above windowless controls in the z-index.

    The usual solution is to add code to detect if the windowless element intersects with a windowed control, and hide the windowed control as long as the windowless element is visible.

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      You can try changing the z-index style in the CSS of your video.

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        Thanks folks,

        I ended up going with a program I had forgotten I had - Instant Popover. It allows for a lot more flexibility in how and where the popover appears. So, I am using the unblockable lightbox effect popover and sliding it down just below the video.

        So, even though the rest of the page is grayed-out when the popover appears, it doesn't interfere with the video window or playback at all. Hopefully Aweber will continue to improve the functionality of their popups, etc. over time.

        Thanks again,

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    Need to tweak the flash file on your site slightly to force it to go behind the pop-over or lightbox. Adobe flash has a default behavior that makes it sit on top of everything on a web page, but it's easily tweaked.

    We have a short tutorial and screenshots on our blog.

    How Do I Fix My Form To Appear Above Flash Content? :: AWeber Knowledge Base

    Tom Kulzer
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