What is the correct syntax for windows status bar being blank ?

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I am trying to make the windows status bar appear blank.
Please can someone tell me what is the correct syntax to use ?
Example I have
<a href="affiliate link to a product" target="_blank">description of product</a>

I am guessing I need to use onmouseover and windows.status.bar=" "

I would really appeciate anyone's help on this.
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    I was just playing with onmouseover="window.status='test'" within a link and it didn't seem to have any effect (in Firefox at least)

    However, this will hide your links...
    <a href="#" onclick="window.location='http://www.real-link.com'; return false;">Click Me And Buy</a>
    Warning, that will prevent any search engine spiders from going through those links. Though with affiliate links that's not a problem.

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    This does something different to my original idea but your solution is possibly better.
    I have changed the <a href="#"
    to <a href="#description.php" so it makes it look like an internal page on my site
    Nice !
    Only one last question
    Is it possible to include the target="_blank" statement for the link to open in a new window ? I have tried to add it in various places of your sample code but with no success
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    Thanks a lot for your help. Works perfectly !
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