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Hi Can any experts out there please take a look at this site:-

Welcome To Final-Furlong UK

Basically its a horse racing tipster site, and the idea is that you buy credits with your paypal account, for example $10 = 10 credits.

The tipster charges 1 credit for every successful selection and if it doesnt win there is no charge; when the credits run out access to the members area is restriced until they top up, does anyone know of a script or whatever it is that would do this, I am launching a new site in the autumn and want to go with this model !

Many thanks!
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    You may implement it with Paypal Adaptive API where there is a functionality built in for specifically that idea - flexible pre-approvals:

    PS: This will require advanced development skills as well as registering your application with Paypal.
    I been through that - I used Adaptive Payments for affiliate network part of my software - MemberWing membership site plugin. I had to apply for credentials and answer tons of questions before being approved to go live with that functionality.

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