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how to make a virtual spokesmodels? Im lost when it comes to programming, but this cant be to hard. I dont care how long it takes me to make one just not payin for something i know i can do, unless it cost me to much to make it ill just buy one lol.
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    well the virtual spokesperson most people use today are actual people being filmed in front of a greenscreen. they shoot a video of the person and use video editing software to remove the background out of the video and convert it to a flv video. after that they use javascirpt to be able to position the spokesperson on the screen and handle the timing to display the person.

    this is not something that doesnt have the equipment and software can just make. i use to work with a company that made the and for us to just get started we spent $1000s on equipment for the videoing.

    you would be must better off getting one from a company that does this already since you can get them for $299 and up just depending on where you get it made at.
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    If you know nothing about it, then how do you know that it "should" be easy and cheap? I don't know how to fly a plane but a pilot is just pushing buttons all day, that's worth about $1.50 an hour right? You say you don't know how to do it, then that you do know how to do it. Confusion multiplies. I can easily believe the "half baked" part.

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      well every one that i say it was just a video with out a back round so i didnt think it could be that hard but now i did some research and it not as easy as i thought it could be. i see now why they charge what they charge...thanks for the feed back...and the half bake is only on sundays lol...

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