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Hey "Techie" Warriors,

I need a couple of things done for a little project that I'm trying to get off the ground. Think any of you guys can help me out here and provide a reasonable quotation?

1) I need some kind of online calendar booking/reservation system, where clients can select the days and exact timeslots that they would like to consult with me over Skype.

2) I need to create some kind of form that allows clients to enter their product/service details after payment via PayPal. The form will be created based on the fields I require, and once they submit the form, it will be fed directly to a database where I can retrieve the data in the back-end. Also, immediately after the form is submitted, they will be redirected to a page where they will be able to download some checklists and at the same time,they will receive an autoresponder email stating that they will be hearing from me soon.

Please PM me if you can help me set this up.

Best Regards
Lazy Bryan
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    Hi Brian,
    Have you seen this plugin?

    Demo | Online Booking Calendar - Demo

    There's a free version (WordPress › Booking Calendar WordPress Plugins) as well, but depending on how complex your needs are one of the premium versions might be better for you. If you don't need things like multiple bookings for the same date or time (a hotel or restaurant would need that), you can probably do okay with the free version.

    As for PayPal, you can control the page people receive after checkout by creating a buy now button.

    For the form, try Contact Form 7, and create a page for it . Enter that page name at PayPal.

    Contact Form 7 isn't intuitive right away, but once you get used to it, it's pretty powerful. You can decide what message you want people to see after they submit it (that can be your checklists).

    As for the autoresponder, it's not the cleanest method, but Contact Form 7 emails the details to you, then deletes the message for security. You could set up the form so that it goes to an email that has a vacation/autoresponder saying you'll follow up personally.

    So if you can live without the database storage, and budget is most important to you, you can probably accomplish your project with a few free plugins and pages set up in the right order.
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    quite useful thanks
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    thanks for sharing this its a great help : )
    bezzer brown
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    If you're after a custom system for this, let me know. Just send me an e-mail and I can show you examples of my custom business software.

    Quit wasting your money! If you need a website, get me to do it right! I'll probably even do it for less! Design/Development/Software, I'm your guy!
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