HEY, COULD I GET SOME HELP HERE? Track, Rotate, Shaken not Stirred!

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Programming Geniuses:
Here's my deal-
I am soon launching a new product/service. I am going to offer a WSO, so that Warriors can offer the service free to their lists. I need to be able to track what list each subscriber comes from and continue that tracking throughout an entire process including any purchases that subscribers may make, so that the IMer who referred them to us will receive compensation. I realize that part of this is basic, but it gets a little hairy on the back-end.
(Think Goldencan...)

At any rate, if you are adept at this sort of thing, please contact or PM me, so I can provide enough detail for this to make some sense. I don't want to provide all of the info in public, just yet.

I will say that we are excited about what we are about to offer, because we believe we have something that will be free to subscribers, and a way for IMers to truly make money (newbies too) on autopilot month after month.

Anyhow, I need one good scripter, to help me with some advice here.
#rush rocks #track #tracking #url redirect #url rotators

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