Can't Cloak Affiliate Link Within WP Blog with GoCodes

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I would like to cloak my affiliate link featured in my WP Blog but when I use GoCodes to cloak it and then click on it, I get an error 404 message. When I brought this matter to the attention of my affiliate program, the support there told me that my link should not and could not be cloaked under any circumstances, without explaining why.

They also told me that I could just use my affiliate link as is, but I don't feel too comfortable with this, for obvious reasons e.g. commission theft. I then tried using to cloak it, but when I click on the link, the site shows up fine, albeit not the "official" landing page for affiliate links. You see, when I click on the "bare bones" link, I see a landing page designed for leads/sign-ups but when I click on the link, I see the generic home page for the site.

I would prefer visitors land on the "official" page for leads/sign-ups but I just don't want to display my affiliate link as is. Could there be another cloaking method that allows my visitors to land on the said "official" page?

Any assistance would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Some vendors seem to be going overboard with the advent of the latest round of FTC do-gooding. FTC made known its intentions to 'go after the advertiser' and it appears that some vendors are taking extraordinary measures to ensure that visitors don't make it to their sites via a "dishonest" link.

    Promote a different product, or stay within their rules.

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      I have created a camtasia video to show you how to cloak your own links.

      Click here

      Eddie Evans

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        Thanks, Eddieheli, I will take a look at the video, much appreciated!
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