Main Domain Is Showing In Google With The Add-On Domain

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Hi All,

I don't know if this is where I should post this, but it seemed to be the closet fit so here it goes.

I have a HostGator account (Baby package) so I only get one main domain. I have an add-on domain and this is the only domain that has content so far (HTML site).

I got indexed in Google for and was on page 24 with no extra work put in. I didn't like the domain looking like that so I went into the Google Webmaster Tools and requested that all URLs be listed as I just like the look of the www at the beginning.

Anyway, when I was checking things out today, my site is now on page 9 after some backlinking, but the URL in Google is now and this is not what I want AT ALL!

Does this have anything to do with how I set up my add-on domain in cPanel or does it have to do with the request I made in the Webmaster Tools mentioned above?

What is the fix for this so that my site shows up as on the Google SERPs? :confused:

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


P.S. I did a live chat with HostGator and they said they have no control over what Google displays. I understand that, but I had another add-on domain a couple months ago that did not display the main domain in the URL and I didn't set that one up any differently than I did my new add-on domain.
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