Create a income calculator for the daycare business

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I was wondering if there is anyone who could help me (or I could hire or buy a script) to create an interactive calculator and gross revenue projector - very similar to the ones used on real estate sites to calculate mortgages on your home - except this calculator would show the number of students vs monies made on a sliding scale for the daycare business.

For example if you had zero students you earn nothing.
zero students a month = $0
1 family enrolled =Avg. monthly cost per student $700-$900 assumed
all the way up to say 20 students.

Based on your input your daycare's gross revenue increase will be:$ (output formula here)

Any suggestions on how to achieve this?
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    this should be no problem for any web programmer in the for-hire forum. Pretty straight forward program.
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      It depends on whether you want the result to show immediately or not.

      If you want it to show immediately use javascript. The browser will do the calculation then.

      If you want it not to show immediately use a server-side programming language like PHP.

      If I'm right there are plenty of frameworks providing widgets like the sliding scale you mentioned.

      Do a bit of research if you want to do it yourself or do as kkoechel said and find a programmer in the Warrior for Hire section. I guess I could do this but I'm just too much out of practice when it comes to programming.

      Want to read my personal blog? Tashi Mortier

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    this can be done just take the script used for real estate site and modify it for ur own
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    ya or maybe a calculator for calculating salesman income or something, each salesman could be changed into each child and flat rate set for profit would be the "commissions'

    also if you find a calculator you might want to use on another site, you should be able to just click "view source" and find the javascript snippet in the code that places the calculator on the page, then just put that snippet in your site and add the full domain to the beginning of the url and it should work
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    Good ideal, pls try to keep posting. I like this topic very much and I will digged this one. Tks again.
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      did you need to do this on a web interface?

      excel or open office calc can be created to do this calculation for you as well (not sure if you considered that, or if that was what you were thinking...)
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