How can I get create a similar style text area?

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Hi, thanks for checking out my post.

I'm having a wordpress site developed for me and one of the features of the site will be to give members the option of writing notes on lessons they study, these notes will be added on the content page itself. I've always been a huge fan of the A4 paper style background when writing in my journal at, for instance the text appearing perfectly just above each line looks so slick.

This got me thinking about how I could create a similar effect on my wordpress site. I got my developer to use a lined paper background for the text area where my members add their notes; however, getting the text you type to appear perfectly just above each line is the really hard part. We've played around with varying pixel sizes for the font, but nothing ever looks as slick as what the guys over at Penzu have accomplished.

Does anyone reading this have any ideas on how we can get the text to appear perfectly just above each line (Penzu style), is there any fancy coding involved? We're really struggling with this and would love any help and tips you could give us.

Thanks everyone,

Chris Curwen
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