Tiger Software Builder By Thomas Belknapp? I'm not techie...is it really that easy?

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Hey Programming Tech Master Warriors (lol Tech people amaze me),

Does anyone have any experience with Tom Belknapp (hope I"m getting his name right)'s Tiger Software Builder program?

From what I gather it's a Ubot type program and I'd really love to pick it up...bottom line I need to know if anyone has had any experience or owns this software.

I'm VERY (read: barely do HTML) tech-tarded so creating software has never been a real possibility. The way this program looks it might not be needed to be a tech person which would be REALLY cool b/c I have tons of software products I could create.

Anyone have anything to share on this? I'd really appreciate it!



PS- If any of you guys need info products created or want to JV...I can launch a WSO in under 8 hours and shoot Camtasia videos like a pro...I'm always here to help you guys (not tech stuff haha)

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    This belongs in the product review section of the forum.

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      Originally Posted by Johnny Slater View Post

      This belongs in the product review section of the forum.
      I thought about that...but basically the reason I posted here was b/c you guys know what is what. I mean I'm a marketer so I know something like this has a lot of "distill the complex...emphasize the simple" in the copy so people aren't like "OMG I can't create software."

      That being assumed...if you programming guys/gals (who I honestly consider wizards...I'm amazed constantly) can jump in and say "this type of development environment is probably the easiest place to start and I'd also check out X, Y, and Z for extra help..." that's what I was thinking...

      LOL...we've both been here in WF a while so I know not to post in the wrong section...I can see where you're coming from...just figured this would be an easier place to find a solution (an educated opinion...of which I have no opinion since I don't know software) than the product "review" section.

      Thanks for your time!

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      • My advice: Just purchase the software. Its a clickbank product with 60-days-money-back...blablahblah...you get the picture.

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          There are different versions available. I have the pro version I think,
          which may or may not be available today.

          The software can build some cool Windows applications and they
          look very professional to the end user, with a slick installer
          and nice-looking GUI, generally.

          That said, there is a lot to learn in using TSB. While you can make
          a basic calendar or Word Processing program easily, making a custom
          software for a specific problem in a specific industry (exploiting
          a need in the market, which is smart), requires putting on your
          thinking cap.
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    I researched this product some time ago and found this this blog has tutorials about building your software with Tiger software:
    ยป How To? – With Tiger Software Builder

    Hope you find this helpful, for me, it's seems like it's not as easy as I thought when I read the sales page.
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