Was my website hacked? Info: shows another website

by ryanjm
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I have a PR4 site that had some issues when it was transferred from another webhost. When I checked info:sitename in Google, it shows another site. My site also shows that it's PR7 because the site showing in info: is a PR7.

The weird thing is that I can still access my site. It doesn't redirect to the PR7 site that I can see. So is this some sort of bug having to do with the hosting transfer issues, or is it because my site has some sort of hidden hack?

I deleted all of the wordpress site files and re-installed wordpress. Still shows the same thing though.

Site is ISTE Eduverse Talks - Second Life and Beyond if it helps. Thanks.
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    i think it might be down to the hosting m8, i just checked it for you and it seems clean, although i will do a more in-depth check later on.


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    Thanks a lot. Kinda what I thought too since the site showing up in info: is the same placeholder page that used to show up for my site. Also my password isn't very easy to guess/crack.
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    Looks like your site was redirected.

    If you didn't do this, then I would definitely contact your host.
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    Thanks Jake and Det. Figured that was what's up. I'll contact them today.
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