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Every time I start Firefox up I get the message that Proxy connection is refused. I the have to manually tell it to detect proxy automatically. Then it works ok until the next start up.

Advice please.

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    Do you have a third party Firefox plugin installed for proxies? Some of them will set the proxy to manual / a specific proxy address, which may be causing you problems.

    If in doubt, you could always go to Add-ons (Tools menu) and disable any plugins that look to do with proxies.

    Failing that, it could be more of a Firefox-specific issue.

    Hope that's a start,

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      Thanks Tim but that's not the solution. The thing is FF has automatically reset the "Internet Connection" parameter back to manual when I restart. 'Tis a mystery!


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        check your computer for malware. something is fishy because Firefox doesn't normally behave that way.

        best anti-malware software that's free is:
        Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
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          Thanks Karen,

          I tried it but to no avail.


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            What is the best browser and why please.

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              I use Firefox. I like it because it has less hackers trying to get into it, it doesn't strip you affiliate links like Explorer does, and you can rearrange and color the tabs.

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      I'm having problem with firefox as well. I really feel like I'm ready to start my IM business and I've got very excited when I thought I've "digested" Dreamweaver and Photoshop... until I published my site.

      Unfortunately on Google I've got content of index page overlapped the header and big gap between content and header on other pages. I understand that different height of headers on index and other pages causes the problem but Firefox doesn't recognise my site at all. Silly me, I don't know HOW TO SORT IT OUT.

      Any suggestions please.

      Many thanks in advance.
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    I agree with Karen, something highly suspect is going on with your machine as the proxy setting shouldn't change like that. I use the following tools to protect my PC and I've NEVER had any problems (my PC will probably die now ;-) )

    anti vir

    I also use a number of different browsers mainly for testing IE, Safari, Google's Chrome and Firefox with Firefox being my browser of preference because of it's speed and user interface. Firefox can get very resource hungry but it probably doesn't help when I can have upto 30 different tabs on the go with Firefox alone.

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    try to check if theres a third party frefox.
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