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Silly question here but is it better to have a static IP address or not? I do all my websites from a home computer.

Just curious.
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    I would suggest getting a real host instead.

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    Maybe it's the way you phrased the question. Are you hosting your own websites on your own computer? The way you phrased it, it sounds like that.

    If so, Mark was suggesting a regular web host with high bandwidth, etc. would be a better option in the long run.

    But if you are insisting on hosting them yourself, yes, a static IP would be better.


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      I've looked at one of the domains in your signature, wealthyways4you.com.

      Per the WHOIS on the IP that domain resolves to:

      Level 3 Communications, Inc. LVLT-ORG-198-31 (NET-198-31-0-0-1)
      TampaBay DSL Inc. TAMPADSL2-248-50 (NET-198-31-50-0-1)
      Biznesshosting, Inc. BIZNESSHOSTING-198-31-50 (NET-198-31-50-0-2)
      The site is hosted by biznesshosting.com, which looks like they operate (or resell space at) a data center. You're fine. And you may not deal with biznesshosting.com directly... you might buy hosting from a company that deals with them.

      Additionally, the presence of TampaBay DSL Inc. in that WHOIS does not mean it's hosted on a DSL connection. That company (tbdsl.com) appears to provide business connections (T1, frame relay) as well.

      So, no, you don't need a static IP on your home connection.
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    You only need a static IP if you are going to use https (with an SSL certificate). You do this if your site is going to accept credit card numbers. Most people let someone else do it (paypal, clickbank, etc).
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    freddie fireman
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    I assume you're asking about having a static IP address for you home connection, there are advantages but it's not vital.

    One reason I would go for a static ip address at home is that you can lock down 'administrative access' to your site so that the feature is only accessable from the static address. Also if you have a static ip address at home you can map it to a domain name and setup demos of your sites accessable from your ip address/domain name. It depends on how you want to set things up as uploading to a server/hosting account is just as easy.

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    Okay so whats the biggest problem with not having a static (preferably dedicated) IP address? From what I've seen its that you might be penalized if someone else who shares the same IP address as you is doing things that get the IP put on blacklists. I guess this is a remote possibility, but if you can just get a static dedicated IP this problem goes away or at least should.
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    host from a web host provider. Hosting it yourself can get you a lot of crap on your computer.
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    Originally Posted by Wealthy Ways View Post

    Silly question here but is it better to have a static IP address or not? I do all my websites from a home computer.

    Just curious.
    Hi Darrin,

    I used to run my websites from a server in my house, and although I learnt a lot from doing it, it is far easier to have someone like HostGator etc do your hosting..

    The main problem I had when I hosted from home was keeping on top of the Linux (you are using Linux aren't you. Windows (be it 2000, XP or Vista) is rubbish whgenit comes to setting up a productiopn based web host) firewalls and upload limits..

    Where I am, we get good high speed downloads, but uploads are limited to a "snails pace", and so anyone viewing our sites, their viewing experience was like "wading through treacle". Not a good web visitors experience..

    Pay the money and as the others say, get a "real host"

    Take care

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    For your original question: Static IP is better. If you have a URL, it is better to have it point to your static ip.

    It is of course much better, more cost effective, less hassle and more flexible to have a third party host your content. There are some cheap ones out there for $5...
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    Gettign a real host is much advisable .
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    If you don't have a static IP and you want an alternative, and want to host your website on your computer, you can check out DynDNS.com: DNS Hosting, E-mail Delivery, VPS Hosting and Other Services

    They offer a service which gives your computer a sub-domain such as yourname.dyndns.org which will point to your computer where your sites are hosted. There's software you can run to automatically update your IP address at dyndns.org so you can always access your site, even if your IP changes.

    If you need any further help, let me know

    P.S. I would highly recommend paid hosting instead of hosting the sites on your computer.
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