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I'm looking to build a classified site from scratch and am wondering what the estimated time-frame would be on a project like this (for you) and also whats the logic behind it and the best way to approach it?
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    If you want to start setting things up while still collecting thoughts, I would suggest (If you haven't done it already) start by visiting popular classified sites. Then depending upon your budget and time settle for whatever suits your. You may consider setting up a Classifieds site using Wordpress with a classifieds theme.

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    A time frame would be hard to determine based on what you have provided here. We would need more information. As far as how to approach it, visit other classified sites and see how they work. Look at some of the features they have and see if that is what you are looking for.
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    Apart from the data, what are the basic requirements (in terms of knowledge of web development) one should have for building a cool classified?
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      Originally Posted by NewDeveloper View Post

      Apart from the data, what are the basic requirements (in terms of knowledge of web development) one should have for building a cool classified?
      I'd say that a classified ads application sounds like a classic "CRUD" application: Create, Read, Update and Delete a resource (in this case classifieds).
      It should be straightforward in any language/framework to implement a basic version in which a user can sign up, create an ad, publish it, edit it, delete it, list and view other ads etc.

      Such CRUD applications are very easy to build with Ruby on Rails. In fact, Rails has helpers that let you create a basic scaffold to CRUD a resource with a single command. From there you can adjust everything to fit your needs.

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    I can tell you from experience that it is a VERY tough job you have set yourself to do. It will take a LOT of work and you're competing with some really serious sites already out there and well known, including Craigslist, Gumtree, etc.
    Are you sure you want to devote so much time to it when the rewards may not be very good at all, if any.?

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    I agree that making something like this from scratch is a big task.

    Why not use an out-of-the-box solution like this one (not affiliated):

    Classified Ads Software, WordPress Classified Theme | AppThemes

    Way less headaches and you can concentrate on promotion.

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    You can use script for this.

    Free Classifieds PHP Script

    If you have custom idea you can hire a developer to modify the script.

    Low cost
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    I have a ton of experience with advertising and classifieds, If you are new to this then buy a script or clone of a site that you like. Starting from scratch (although not impossible) is hard and the benefits are minimal compared to an out of the box version that are available.

    If your reasons for making from scratch is because you don't want to have "just another..." then adapt the code once you have the script, again much easier than starting from scratch and you can make the look and feel of the site very much different from the original in all cases.

    Hope that helps?

    Best regards
    Arran Wood
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