How Do I Fix This in IE? Looks fine in Firefox!

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Music City Marketing Conference ?

Boxes don't line up in IE, but look fine in Firefox!
What can I do???
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    I use Linux so I don't have IE, but as far as I can figure out from your source code you are using a fixed width of 800px, and your problem is the testimonials not lining up.

    Instead of all those tables try this for each testimonial.As I said I don't have IE and maybe I'm misunderstanding the problem

    <div style="width: 570px; border: 4px ridge; margin-right:115px; margin-left:115px;">

    <p align="center">Name</p>

    <p class="style16" align="center"><img src="image.jpg" alt="Name" width="image width" height="image height" />


    The testimonial</p>
    <br /><br />

    Weekend Golfers affiliate manager.

    Do you have a golf related site?
    Join our affiliate team and earn commissions on our golf instruction courses.

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    same prob. thanks for posting
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    for the subscribe form at the bottom of the page you need to look at
    #GRSubscribeForm fieldset {
    width: 260px; border: 0;

    and add some positioning

    you will have to play with the exact position to get it to display nicely
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      If IE is having an issue with UL tags give DL a try. This may not work if IE considers both tags the same, but it is an interesting way to build up a list without the need to dump bullets, spacing, etc.
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    I have the same problem.

    Thanks for post this
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    Looking at the source code, I noticed you have quite a few inline styles, and css on the page. My recommendation to avoid future headaches, and to more easily mitigate issues like this, would be to consolidate as much of the inline css (ex: td style="width: 40px;") into classes within a .css file. This not only reduces the overall size of the page (reduces page load time), but you also only have to edit one file to propogate changes to all your pages, which will make dealing with IE nuances quite a bit easier.

    If you are using firefox, i would recommending installing the firebug plugin so you can edit the css live; alternatively you can use the ie development toolbar component for the ie browser to do the same thing. These tools help you write the right css quicker as you can experiment on the fly.
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