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Hi, I am not a programmer but if I hire one on let's say scriptlance and ask for a clone of a certain software, will I usually find one that can?

and how can I find out if it is legal or not to clone a script or software?
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    Yes you will find one to do it, not sure about the legalities of a clone but you should be safe asking for a piece of software that has the same features of what you want a clone of.

    place your request along the lines of:

    .... it must have the same features as (link to and name of software you want cloning)
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      Dont' clone, improve!

      This should be the mantra of all software developers and application develoipers.

      No-one wants to join a "me too" website. they want to join things that are unique and offe something the others don't. Even if its a minor addition.

      I agree with the previous poster, don'e ask for a exact clone, ask for your
      site to have all the same features of XYZ.com PLUS the new features you want to add in.

      Take care

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    While I'm not a lawyer cloning a piece only come up against any legalities if you use the same code to 'clone' the software as that would violate copyright. Even copying features can sometimes get you into trouble if they are implemented in the same way as the original.

    So if you want to clone a bit of software your best bet is definitely to improve and add new features that way you have an edge of the previous software and you're on better ground legally.

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    Thanks for the advice. I def. have a software in mind that could have many more features.
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    All i can say is . Dont clone =)
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    There are several websites that offer this type of service. Elance and RentaCoder come to mind. I've used the latter with success. The only way you are going to accomplish this though is to work up a complete project description with everythign you want the product to do and samples if possible of similar products. Again, improve on the design. Build a better mousetrap!
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    There are loads of programmers out there who would do a job like this, but make sure you do your due diligence and check their references first. I have had some problems with people overpromising and then not being able to deliver...
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    I would strongly suggest that you NOT use the word 'clone' when posting your job, too! You can say something like "I would like a script SIMILAR to xxxxx, but with the following features added/deleted" etc.

    You will find that this will save you some legal hassles as well as many sites are being monitored now for the clone posts - had a client that received a 'cease and desist' letter a couple of weeks from a website when he posted that he wanted a clone of the site...the funny part was that the company that responded with the best bid for the project was the same company that had done the original website - and the original website thought it was 'unique' for them. Turns out in fact that there were a number of sites with the same features built by the company - and all thought they had a 'unique' website.......
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