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hello warriors, am creating a google adsense account, and i wanna know how to get free traffic, to my site....what did you use that work for you...
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    i have some advices for you

    1-go to search engines and submit ur site(google,bing,yahoo,Baidu...)
    2-write at least 1 article at articles sites
    3-make an account at social media network(facebbok,Twit,Digg...) and post at list 1 article or any post with ur site name.
    4-submit ur site at all directories
    5-submite ur site at forums (articles,signatures,...)
    6- submite ur site at google answers(for high traffic)
    7- open a channel at youtube with ur site name
    8- tell ur friends about ur site
    9- dont ever forget meta tags (title,Desc,Robot...)
    10- title of all pages for friendly SEO
    11-the content of ur site is the king of SEO
    12- give a thank .(smile)
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    dont forget to submit ur site at alexa
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    promote on facebook
    promote on twitter
    promote on youtube

    and depending on what your website is all about - it might make sense to promote it offline too
    An experienced technical programmer wants to JV with you

    I will build any kind of software, bots, web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications - you will handle marketing and sales.
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    Digg it
    Stumble it
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      Use seo on page and off page techniques and submit your content there.these techniques help you to increase page traffic.
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    Content is the king...So add unique contents...
    Google won't give you adsense account without having traffic..So drive some traffic first and apply for adsense later
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    focus on CONTENT.

    It takes time to generate traffic, unless you want to pay for it. try adding good and original content to your site then make sure you have the social sharing plugins like "AddThis" on your site.

    At the beginning you have to submit your own content to Stumble, Digg, Reddit, Facebook, etc... but if your content is good and original eventually you will see some traffic. just be patient give it time.
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    Originally Posted by globalwalyy View Post

    hello warriors, am creating a google adsense account, and i wanna know how to get free traffic, to my site....what did you use that work for you...
    You need to do SEO for your site because SEO is very important thing for upgrading a web site on the search engines or getting traffic on the web site.
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      I speak from experience when I say that generating free traffic can be

      You will be given a list of techniques such as forum commenting, SEO and so on when you ask about how to get free traffic to your site. Each one has its pros and cons.

      I would recommend giving some thought to each approach and doing some research on how it works. Consider the source of the traffic and whether it gives you the type of traffic you are looking for. For instance, social sites tend to be people looking for fun interactive things whereas you might find certain forums are full of people with a problem that they want help with. Which ones are likely to be interested in your offer?

      Do some work on the approach that you are taking each day. Set aside half an hour everyday or a couple of hours twice a week or whatever and you will soon see your efforts build up.

      There is no substitute for trying and testing to see what works! Although you can find a great deal of helpful people on this very site. Put it down to experience and knowledge building when you try and fail and then come back to things from a different angle.

      And make sure that there really are poeple out there looking for you are offering in the first place!

      Kind regards,

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    Create a program that repeatedly visits your site using different headers and IPs by entering keywords into search engines and following through to your site. Run that so you have about 5-10,000 'visitors' to your site a day. Bing and Yahoo will both index it within a week, Google will take a bit longer because they think their new plus one button is the search engine holy grail.
    Nochek Solutions Presents:
    The Hydrurga WSO - Rank Your Site #1 And Score Over The Penguin Updates!
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    Organic SEO! If you need real traffic, who btings customers or at least clicks - follow the steps described by wowfor And be patient.
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    Do blog commenting on different social networking software..
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    Thank you so mush..really really appreciative
    Life is a song - sing it. Life is a game - play it. Life is a challenge - meet it. Life is a dream - realize it. Life is a sacrifice - offer it. Life is love - enjoy it.

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    check the links on my sig. the website booster bot is totaly safe for adsense sites.
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    Promote on facebook and Twitter
    And add in social bookmarkting sites dugg and stumble.
    And to do blog comments on different sites.
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