Looking for "Kajabi-Like" Plattform for video coaching.

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Hi there,

After being bored to death creating eBook products, i decided to go video, im enjoying the hell out of it and will definitely stick with this format.

I like Kajabi's features in that its tailored for video, i believe has built in mobile redirection for iOS/Android optimized pages.

Is there something like that for:


That is perhaps more affordable, and self hosted? i Believe Kajabi is cloud hosted on their servers.

Is optimizepress the way to go??

Let me know guys!!
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    I've recently started using OptimizePress for my video coaching sites and it's great! I've coupled it with Digital Access Pass to allow me to drip feed content over time, but you can also use other membership systems. For my next product, I'm thinking of going for Nanacast to handle both the membership and shopping cart aspect, but still stick with OpimizePress for the site.

    Hope that helps!

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    Originally Posted by didacus View Post

    I like Kajabi's features in that its tailored for video, i believe has built in mobile redirection for iOS/Android optimized pages.
    What is Kajabi?

    I use DAP for a membership site on Wordpress and have no problem embedding videos and lightbox pages.

    Is there something that I am missing?
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      Hi Didacus

      I predominantly use video in the products I sell. I made the switch to Kajabi around 6 months ago and it's been one of the best decisions that I have made online.

      I used to use wishlist member and have also set up membership sites using free plugins, members acces etc, also using EVP2 to play the videos (hosted from Amazon S3 servers)

      In terms of member experience, its fairly similar, but from an admin perspective, Kajabi saves me tons of time should I wish to restructure the content, adding/editing members, etc

      There's also a really easy to configure community area and forum.

      I still use WP sites for general use but don't think I would move away from Kajabi for the whole membership experience...it's a little pricey each month, but if you have plenty of members it's well worth it.

      I'm always interested to hear of other options, so please let us know if you find anything


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        I think im gonna go with optimizepress for now.

        If this thing gets going and i can think of Kajabi's price tag as not big enough to try out (which is not the case right now), ill give it a shot.

        Plus i dont have much content yet, so i wouldnt want to start from scratch by paying a Kajabi membership, and then i take more than a month to finalize creating all vids, i wanna get something up and running with nothing more than hosting costs for now.

        Thanks guys.
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    Thanks Steve. If we can help answer anything else for you, just let us know.
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