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Just wanted to get some help on switching hosting for my website.

I'm currently using dedicated hosting where my site is designed using ASP, and I wish to switch to another dedicated hosting which is a bit cheaper.

Once I find a new host and transfer all the files over to the new host what else is involved?

Will I still be able to change the look of the site in the new host?
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    Once you change host and copy all the files across, then all you will need to do is change the DNS values of your domain name and that it!

    Make sure you back up all databases as well, becuase just coping the files across will not backup the databases you may have..

    If your site does not need to run ASP, then think about swapping across to a Linux based host as the hosting is HEAPS cheaper and the hosting company does not have to pay licencing feed to Microsoft.

    Hope this info helps

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    If you're worried about downtime and do not have a lot of experience with this (I got the impression you don't) ... definitely do your research and try to get on the phone with both the new and old hosts to coordinate -- tell them you want to make sure you do not experience downtime.

    Good luck.
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