Where should I start..? Trying to learn how to create stuff in VB 2010 Express

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Can anyone recommend some good tutorials that would give me an idea of how this stuff works?

I used to program in VB when I was like 12 years old.. I'm 25 now, so pretty much the only thing I remember how to do is create a msgbox (LOL) - I wish I'd kept programming, I was really good. I'd be a billionaire by now if I had.

VB 2010 also seems to have changed the way things are coded since the original VB that I used when I was younger.. I open this thing and I have no idea where to start..

What are some good tutorials for beginners to actually get a feel for this?

Thanks in advance everyone!
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    This site is good for the basics... very simple explanations about everything...

    Microsoft Visual Basic .NET tutorials for Beginners

    Also, YouTube has tons of VB tutorials. Just use their search engine for whatever VB topic you're interested in (ie "VB.NET arrays"), and there will almost certainly be videos on the topic (of varying quality, of course).

    And if you want to spend money, VTC is a good option. I don't own any of their VB.NET tutorials, but I've purchased a handful of other programming-related tutorials from them in the past, and they've all been excellent. I've also heard a lot of people recommend Lynda for programming-related tutorials.

    And lots of very smart folks over at vbforums.com if you ever have any questions. I guess I shouldn't say "if" you have any questions, because you will have lots of them.

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    Awesome, thanks man! lol I'm sure I'll be frequenting that forum.
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