Help with php style sheet.

by palger
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Hi All,

I have a strange problem, that I need some inout on.

Here's the situation.

I am using wordpress 2.7 with a theme called flexibility. I have installed this theme a number of times without difficulty manually. I am currently using an installation script to automate wp installs. This appears to be where the problem begins.

In short, if I install using any theme except flexibility everything works. The problem comes when I install and/or switch to the flexibility theme. The theme files are loaded, but the reference to the style sheet:, returns an HTML document and NOT a style sheet. In fact, executing the style sheet link in a browser displays the blog with document not found message ( less the style sheet ).

It appears as though the stylesheet php file is not found as a valid document by the browser and as a result, loads a wp 404 document not found error, so no styles are applied.

However, I can edit the style.php script in the wp application and I've checked all the permissions, so I am at a loss as to how resolve the problem.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Phil Alger
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    Hello palger,
    Pardon my question, but doesn't the stylesheet need to be referenced as style.css instead of style.php? I am not familiar with your theme called flexibility, but it would be unusual for cascading stylesheets to be stored in an external file, yet still be documented inline on a PHP file. You would expect the external file to be a CSS file all by itself. Let me know if that helps. Curious to know what happens.
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    Perhaps there's a conflict between the version of Flexibility you have and Wordpress 2.7. The latest version of Flexibility (Flexibility 2) is available from Flexibility Theme for WordPress

    Paul Turner

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    You gotta look at the code. Just view-source and search for ".css" (without quotes) ... make sure whatever your HTML is spitting out ... make sure those are valid URLS. If not, you know where you problem is.
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    Maybe it's not compatible with the version, try to check it out
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