Onlywire Plugin Throwing Javascript Error

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It seems like nobody can bookmark/share my blog posts using OnlyWire. I installed their Wordpress plugin and every time the page loads, I get this error:

_ow.Popup.popup.ClientHeight is null or not an object

What does that mean? Javascript programming throws me for a loop :rolleyes:
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    i am also suffering from this kind of a problem. is there no body to help us.
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    it looks like perhaps the plugin has not be updated to work with your version of WordPress. I suggest you use one that gets updated regularily like WordPress › Sociable WordPress Plugins.
    I love life!

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    I also suggest you Used addthis social bookmark script. It is good one..
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      We see that IE generates this error when a user mouses over the OnlyWire button before the page fully loads... we're going to fix this ASAP - probably TONIGHT. I just happen to find this blog so please from now on just ping us on our support email (support at onlywire dot com) and we'll respond very quickly to any technical issues.

      We've seen similar things with addthis' button but we're going to repair tonight.

      Craig @ OnlyWire
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