Tracking sales, Facebook, Craigslist, Youtube, Organic etc.?

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I am a Clickbank Vendor with several successful products.

I use Google Analytics to track my traffic sources.

I would like to traffic my conversions from each traffic source.

My traffic is coming from

Facebook Ads

I would like to know which of these sources I am getting the best conversions from so I can invest my money in the right places.

Up until now I have blindly invested money promoting my products in many ways without tracking the conversions like a dummy.

My sites are simple one page sales pages with an order button that leads to checkout. After checkout customers are redirected to the html download page hosted on my own server.

I have google analytics tracking code on my sales pages and download pages to track the amount of traffic I get.

Does anyone know how to track the sales back to the referring site?
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    Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

    I just want to track my sales with Google Analytics or any other stat tracking service.

    Am I a fool?

    I thought everyone did this.
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    You are not a fool. lol

    If you are creating your own sales pages, then just add a piece of test to the url that you create. Or a number , 1 being from google ads, 2 form craigslist. etc.

    I hope this helps.

    Your Friend in Internet Marketing
    Ken Somerville
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      Ps - I would also expect google analytics to show the referring URL, which may be easier than either of my above suggestions.
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        Cant you just use a different tid in Clickbank destination URL to identify the source?

        Plus AdWords gives you a tracking script you can add to your CB order page. You can paste this code by going to 'Account Settings'->'My Account'->'Integrated Sales Reporting'.
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    You can also create unique short URL links ( ex for each source. These services will track all clicks and graph them for you.

    If you don't trust 3 rd parties, You can also use a link cloaking script which will also count clicks from each source( though their reporting is not as nice).
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    i prefer to create short links ..
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    Banned is the best solution if you trust on 3rd parties.
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