Can I stop the 'choice' of videos offered by Youtube when my video ends?

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I need some advice please.

I have uploaded a video onto Youtube and then embedded the code for the video on to a page on my website. When the video has played the space occupied by the video fills up with 6 other videos the watcher can click on - and surf straight off my website! As I want to keep the viewer on my site is there anything code-wise I can add to take away the choice?

I have noticed that some videos I have watched myself come to an end and the only choice is to either replay or share. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance.
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    This is an option under the Share Tab...

    Un-Select the checkbox indicated below...

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    Nice. Never gave this much thought but now will go back and change this when I post videos on my blog.
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    I was just talking to someone about this the other day on their site. I told them the option was in there somewhere...I just wasn't sure where.

    Thanks for showing where it is!

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    If your website is a WordPress site, there are plugins (like Artiss You Tube) that have control settings built in as well.
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    You do not have to go back and re-embed your videos, simply add rel=0 to the end of the Youtube video URL.
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    Do what Big Squid said, and very importantly, when you make new videos, after they end, add another 15 seconds with just a black background, and your web site address. This will give your potential customers more than enough time to decide whether or not to visit your site. It should drastically improve the ratio of people who click thru onto your site.
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