What is the php regular expression to get everything before a certain character?

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For instance, I have the following string:


I need to get "table" as the result of the php regular expression.

So, I need everything before the ":" symbol

After that regular expression is performed, I would also like to get everything after the ":" symbol, or "column" as well.
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    Using a regular expression here is not what you need. Instead, you should explode the string using the ":" as the delimiter. The explode() function splits up strings into an array, using whatever symbol you like to break it.
    PHP Code:
    string "table:column";
    $ array = 
    explode(":", $ string);
    //now, $ array  is ([0] => "table", [1] => "column") 
    I had to place a space between the $ and the variable name, because for some reason the forum was removing them
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