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i am building a dog related web site and as a newbie i downloaded the recommended for newbie free programs. Today i gave a shot to TT trying to find keywords for my project.
As you know the limit is to 100 words for the non paid. But it did not stop there and continued with some other stuff.
In fact it was going continuously and 2 times i had to repeat and to stop it just to be sure. As you can see from the snip i stopped it at 700 words.

My question in short is do they use my adwords account without permission to generate the results for other people? That is what i assume looking at what this bug in their prog reveals to me. Of course i gave them access but to generate for me. I am in a doubt, if they do this and is not permitted, who knows what they can do with my other stuff. Its not an attack against them or some kind of spam, just a concern, but i wonder if should i be worried?

#behaiviour #strange or suspicious or #traffic #travis

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