where is Drupal meta description?

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I've got a client with a drupal site that was built about 6 years ago and am just beginning to find out what he needs and wants to do but he has asked me to change the description line that shows up on google search results...where the heck is it? I know less than nothing about drupal as WP is what most of my clients use...any guidance would be appreciated.
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    Start by looking at the page source first.
    Can you see the text of the Google Search Description?
    Is it in a meta tag?
    If so, then likely the site uses a module or the original web developer hard coded that php page

    If the text is there, though NOT in a meta tag - Google sometimes takes part of the first string of text on your page...you can edit that content or add a module to manage the meta tags.

    If you don't see the text at all..it may be taken from a listing at dmoz.org

    additional notes
    Check to see what modules (plugins) are installed in the Drupal version...there are several popular ones for Drupal that handle SEO stuff

    He will need to update at some point - hopefully he has kept up with security patches, maintenance etc.. If not, it's rickety...so please, please make a complete backup before touching anything!

    6 years without upgrading a live script online says a lot about how that company views/values IT and IT support.
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