Clone of Staged . com Probability?

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Before I post this project on eLance or vWorker, etc.. I would like to know the opinions from you guys on a couple of things...

First I totally understand and "get" Staged . com and how it works and would like to duplicate the exact site, switch it up a bit as to not be "exactly" like them, but to offer very similar services.

My situation is that I have a very unique and aged (1998) domain that would work perfectly for this type of subscription based service and would probably create a SOW (statement of work) around using our existing php/mysql software or maybe scrap it and go with WordPress or something basic to offer different 'templates' and the ability to insert the customers own affiliate network code, etc. This name is also currently in use, but makes very little from Adwords at the moment and really don't push any advertising on it at all.

If I were to clone the whole business concept, would anyone be interested in partnering on the development side or straight-up customization for development?

My background is in Internet infrastructure, architecture, some PHP and MySQL and strong on the redundancy side. Dedicated servers in a private data center with a fiber 100Mb connection, etc.. Although all the streamed content will come from the media outlets directly (i.e., youtube, etc. and affiliate networks) so the bandwidth overhead would be low and the storage requirement would be low.

I just need that "salesey" look and feel to make it a true WSO.


P.S. I'm currently using iVidPlay, but there are lots of other packages that can be modified to help make this a success such as:

AVS - YouTube Video Clone
Automagick Tube Script
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    As you are probably aware, an idea cannot be copyrighted so using their idea is probably acceptable. For example, Jollibee in the Philippines is MacDonalds with different colours. mascot and logo etc. and they are BIG! Kenny Rodgers is just another KFC and they are opening new branches quite regularly.

    But I suspect the costs involved in your case will be very high, but the reward could be sky high.

    Problem is, we do not know how well Staged are doing.

    I am about to jon Staged, so maybe I will get back to you with my thoughts:-)
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    As a guy who used to make his full time money on Elance I can offer you the following advise:

    1) It would not be hard to clone. Cost would be around $1500 - $2000 I expect
    2) Your going to have a hard time finding a coder to 'partner' with who is worth his salt unless your bringing in much more than the domain name. Thats not an equal value to what the programmer is bringing in.
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