[HELP NEEDED] Some serious wordpress questions

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I need some advice here on how to go about doing this:
  1. Want to automatically create pages for categories & get them linked to the category in the navigation menu bar automatically
  2. Want to have blog posts in each of these category pages & display 10 blog posts in boxes
  3. Want to increase the font size of the text of categories/topics mentioned in the navigation menu bar

Can anyone please help?


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    Hi Ronak,

    2. WordPress already creates the pages. yoursite.com/category/[category-slug] is the default setup. These show the first x number of posts and paginates them if there are more. I think this is what you want but aren't entirely sure.

    3. If you view the source you can find the parent menu item. In your theme css you could do

    #item-id > ul li { font-size:24px; }
    where #item-id is the id of the parent menu item and 24px is the font size you want.
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    You want to setup Auto Blog ?
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