Alternative to HTML/CSS for large article site?

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I need some advice.

Over the next year or two I want to create a large article site consisting of up to 500 pages split into around 25 categories..... a bit like wikipedia, but nicer looking. At the moment I see no alternative to building it in HTML and CSS.

I have used Wordpress before but it appears not to be suitable because articles are listed in date order. Wordpress's problem is that although plugins are probably available to change the look and feel I'm always concerned that they will stop being supported at some point in the future and my site won't work the way I want it to, anymore.

Obviously, there is Joomla and Drupal, but reading other posts here, both appear to have steep learning curves.

So I thought of just doing it all in HTML and CSS - No updates, no plugins, less chance of hacking, complete control of SEO etc. Site wide updates will be a nightmare but at least I will get it to do what I want it to.

Any suggestions about what might be best for this project?
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      I've used TikiWiki in the past, and I liked it.
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    The free media frameworks that you can find on the net, or you might need to use something like ASP.NET. At the end of the day that generates the HTML which gets sent down to your browser, but because it's an active language, you could make the site work nicely.

    It really depends on what you want your pages to do... Static then the above is overkill.

    It really depends on how much control you want, and whether the 'out of the box' solutions have that amount of control you require.

    I assume that you're not a coder - are you going to be learning how to do this, or outsourcing the work?

    Martin Platt

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