Ubot or Zennoposter, I need one

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Hey guys. I need a simple bot made, in ubot or zenno, I have a guy that does this but he is out of pocket for another month.

Know anyone that does bots. Here is a basic of what it will do.
It will log into a game and click an allow button, then it will go to another page and click save then it will click create then it will go to the next one and click allow and then save, then it will go to the first person that created and click join.
It will do 30 total then it will go into what was created and gift the second person 30 times then it must leave the group and rejoin then it logs into the person that took over the group and accepts the first person back into the group and then hit gift again 30 times to the third man, over and over for all 30 people. must be multi threaded so it goes faster.

Thanks for any help.
#ubot #zennoposter
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    Depends if that game is made in Flash - Ubot doesn't play that nicely with Flash, well not in my experience!! Can't advise about ZP as I haven't used that for a long time and didn't get that far when I did!

    If you go the Ubot way you will have to depend on image recognition.

    It may be worth asking on the Ubot forums as there are some knowledgeable guys on there - I would of liked to help but my order books are stacked for the next week or so!

    Hope that helps!
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