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Earlier today I purchased this theme on ThemeForest.

All my other websites have been on Wordpress, but I decided to go with this HTML/PHP theme because I thought it would be easier to track with Prosper202, as implementing the code in the pages is much simpler.

I had already made a couple of landing pages in Dreamweaver, so I thought this shouldn't be much different.

Holy cow was I wrong.

I've been able to set the site up on my server via FTP but it's a complete mess for me to edit. The demo site you see on theme forest is exactly what my site looks like right now. Tons of pages, all needing editing/renaming, ect.. It's also supposed to have blog-like pages with comments enabled, but there's nothing set up to receive the comments or anything. I have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to do to get them working.

So my question is, is there a CMS like Wordpress that I can use with this HTML/PHP template? Any pointers in the right direction will be greatly appreciated. I feel totally lost right now lol.
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    Wordpress themes are for Wordpress. And I take it you have seen the config options under the theme? Yes, it is a lot to go through. I normally build my own themes or download and change the free one to my liking. Buying themes is not my thing. My advice is to just try to change the theme. Some things are easy to understand, some not that easy to understand. If the theme totally get messy, I think you can delete it and re upload it.
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      HomeBizNizz and RenardNET please READ the title post thoroughly and don't just spam the reply button.

      The op clearly states the template he purchased is a HTML/PHP template (you can even check the link he provided). From the templates sales page, you can read that it comes in HTML AND PHP form. So nothing to do with wordpress here.

      The op's problem is he wants to implement a ppc tracking software inside but the template structure is a mess.

      To the OP:
      From the sales page I read that there should be an instruction file with the template so read that first. Then see if there's a email address or something you can use to contact the author since their support forum is offline.

      Another tip would be to hire a developer for example for an hour or two so he could take a look at the files and give you better instructions (or edit everything) for you.

      Also, you asked what CMS you could use with it. The answer is, you can use any cms. The problem is how easy/hard it is to implement. Perhaps if you decide to hire an developer you should ask him about one.
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    I am not sure that I understood your problem good? But do you try to use this theme on a non WordPress website?

    If yes that man, that will be hell work because as HomeBizNizz said: Wordpress themes are for Wordpress. You will have a lot of work with changing WP theme to make it work in other CMS.
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    Much easier to add a landing page to WordPress. I would say stay away from the non-
    CMS theme you purchased.

    You can use a child theme and add any tracking code you need in wordpress, and there is an endless supply of free and low cost support available if you create a site in WordPress


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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