Website hacked and pointing to junk domain

by clintg
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My website, Strategic Marketing Group | Powerful Strategies For Business Growth has been hacked and points to a junk domain. Can someone please tell me what to do? I thought I had a secure user and password.

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    Re-upload your files as the first try.

    They have probably made a meta or php or htaccess redirect in the website folder.
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    • Okay first of all I would suggest you to please,
      Change all passwords: cPanel, FTP, databases, email
      Examine your site's files in cPanel > File Manager (Hosting account)
      Use strong passwords, and use a different password in every place where a password is needed
      Always keep your WordPress, forums, and other scripts updated to the most recent version
      Be careful about security when you write your own PHP scripts. It is very easy to create a security hole by accident when writing your own code.
      Keep viruses and spyware off your computer
      You can also upload all your files from your local back up which is bug free.
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    Looks that you already fixed problem because for me site load fine.

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  • send me an email I'll fix up your hack problem.

    still loads a bit weird here.
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    I have analyze your site and found that your site is on WordPress platform. This is a general problem for WordPress based websites. If you want your site secure then follow some important points for example:
    Always update your WordPress with every updates.
    Never use untrusted plugins.
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      restore from backup and install "better wp security" plugin , job done
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    Thanks for all your responses. I ended up going to Fiverr and a guy got it sorted in about 3 mins! Simple for him...unknown for me...but works fine now. Thanks.
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